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India, in today’s date is quite well accustomed with the word ‘loan’. Today we have embraced this concept which has made our life easier & dreams much more achievable.

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Where to Get a Home Loan?

Home Loans Mumbai

With the property rates rising steeply, showing absolutely no signs to take a step or two down, a decision regarding owning a residential property is becoming increasingly difficult. To be upfront, the situation does look bleak, especially with the bouts of economic crashes slowing down the financial markets worldwide. With such events in the backdrop, the property lending rate in the Indian metropolitans sure doesn’t promise to be a friendly one to the pockets for quite some time to come!

So what about those who wish to own a dream home in either the financial capital or the IT capital of India? What about owning a property in Mumbai or Bangalore? Where to get a home loan? What are the lending rates and the eligibilities? There are quite a few questions that may need answering before making the final decision about getting a home loan in Bangalore or a home loan in Mumbai, the cities with purportedly the highest property rates so far!

Housing Loans Mumbai

There are a number of financial institutions fighting it out to win the most number of votes as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. Whether it is about home loan Bangalore or a housing loan Mumbai, the final choice is getting more and more difficult, with a platter full of customized programs presented by HDFC home loans, SBI bank home loans, ICICI home loans, Axis bank home loans and DHFL home loans, to name a few.

The home loan rates in Mumbai may differ according to the area chosen – South Mumbai, Central Suburbs, Western Suburbs and Navi Mumbai. And, the same goes for Bangalore. However, the rates do go down with its distance from the main commercial center. A fast developing economic zone may let go of its real estate at a cheaper rate too.

Now, let’s take a brief look at the lending scenarios in these two cities. While HDFC home loans offer advantages such as online loan application, counseling services, loan approval before property selection and access to home loan from any location in India, ICICI home loans are no less beneficial as well. Simplified documentation procedures, flexible repayment options and doorstep service are its high points. Axis back home loans offer balance transfer facilities, attractive and flexible rates, while DHFL home loans woo the customers with market friendly structure and flexible rates.

SBI bank home loans is, as they say, for safe banking experience, and being already voted as the most preferred home loan provider for the average Indians, the benefits hardly need pin pointing! Absence of hidden costs and prepayment charges, low interest rates and low processing charges are some of its advantageous features.

If you’re making the first buying decision then it can be quite a mind boggling experience! But hey, no worries! Gone are those days when the prospective buyer had to go on a hunting spree for the appropriate home loan or housing loan. These days, they come at your doorstep, collect all the information necessary, let you know all the conditions of repayments and fulfill all the formalities on your behalf. All you need to do is to read, understand and sign some legal documents and of course, sign some checks as well to initiate the process.

That should be quite an easy procedure, even for the starters! Now, here comes the glitch. Suppose you’re legally eligible to apply for a housing loan in Bangalore or a home loan in Mumbai, and you can get it without much ado, you can’t possibly let agents and officials take over the entire process. A little bit of background study and research is required to decide on the most suitable loan provider, the best home loan in Mumbai as well as the one in Bangalore.

A few facts and figures at the tip of your fingers, a fair idea about the land rates in Mumbai or Bangalore and a few trustworthy home loan agents in either city should be enough to get your through the entire process smoothly. So, here’s to happy home loan hunting!